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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Two Skirts, Cream and Navy

I was cutting up double knits in preparation for making rag-shag rugs, when I came upon a couple of pieces of fabric that I couldn't stand to chop to bits... so I made skirts.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Emma's and Elsie's Easter Dresses, Altered

This was a little jumper; I added sleeves.

Emma's dress was too short.  Added band and sash.  The gray fabric has a small lavender dot; the lavender fabric has a small gray dot.

So of course Elsie's dress had to match.

These dresses will be for the Fourth-of-July picnic:



Thursday, September 29, 2016

Inset for Victoria's Wedding Gown

The inset is ready for Victoria to try on, so we can decide exactly where to cut the neckline, and what shape to make it.  I'm making the inset because the gown is too low; we dress modestly.  I'm using the yard of matching taffeta we ordered at the same time we ordered the gown.  I made the pleats approximately the same width as the pleating at the waist, and offset it a bit to match the offsetting at the waist.

The back is slightly angled.  It will be mostly covered by the veil.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Robin's Bridesmaid's Dress

Robin came and tried on her dress today -- and it fits!  It's fits perfectly.  I'm happy.  Robin's happy.  Victoria's happy.  The zippers for Joanna's and Emma's dresses have arrived, so I'll be able to finish their dresses just as soon as I finish the table runner I'm making as a wedding gift for my great-niece.  (And before I can quilt the table runner, I have to finish quilting the Buoyant Blossoms quilt, which is on the frame and half done.)

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Invisible Zipper

I thought I'd better put my first-ever invisible zipper in something other than the satin wedding dresses, so I put it into what will be the top of a bag that will make use of the two flower appliqué blocks I didn't use in the Buoyant Blossoms quilt.  Turned out pretty well, though the seam isn't as tight against the zipper as I would like.

Here are the two blocks I will use on the bag -- pansy and gladiola.

Emma's Candlelighter Dress, Almost Done

Zipper, buttons, and buttonholes still to go.

Maybe instead of worrying about stiffening the sash somehow, we could just let it 'drape gracefully'.

Emma's sash is too long, I think.  I'll have to shorten it a bit.

Rolled Hem

I used my new rolled-hem presser foot for my Bernina Artista 180 for the first time yesterday.  I've had a couple different sizes of rolled-hem feet for my older Bernina 830 Record since I got it, back in 1978, and used them all the time; so I've missed not having one for my newer machine.  Either I switched to the other machine to put in a rolled hem, or I rolled it with my fingers, which was a bit imprecise.  Finally... I got one.  This one is a 4mm rolled hem.  And here's the reason I haven't gotten one until now:  that thing cost $45.95!!!  :-O  But... I wanted the hems on these wedding dresses perfect.  And perfect they are.  Just take a look at this hem, inside and out: